About us

About Hello Health

Hello Health is based in the United States, with over 10 years of experience developing quality products and services to practitioners and specialists. It is a subsidiary of Myca Australia Pty Ltd.

The Canadian team, based in Quebec City, has had successful international experience in adapting its software, with teams located in Canada, United States, Kuwait and now Australia.

Hello Health is currently developing an exclusive Australian platform, taking the years of experience and quality products to a new market and taking the time to listen to industry needs, concerns and demands.

We have listened to hundreds of medical professionals from various specialties to develop a product that not only responds to industry needs, but that also fits seamlessly into a practitioner’s workflow, allowing them to augment their offering and do more with their time.

Check out our US Hello Health website for more information on the company.

Our Mission & Vision

– Deliver modern tools to Australian clinicians and patients to help improve continuity of care.

– To provide clinicians with unparalleled services through modern technology, customized implementation processes, easy training and dedicated, ongoing support.

Leadership Team

Steven Ferguson

Chief Operating Officer

In April of 2016, Steven became the Chief Operating Officer at Hello Health. Previously, Steven headed up the company’s Sales and Marketing departments and held the position of Patient Management Officer where he spent his time blogging, managing inbound marketing and events. From 2008 to 2011, Steven served as the Vice President of Product Development at Myca Health Inc., the parent company of Hello Health.

Knowing the company and the platform well, Steven is well suited to bring the technology to the Australian market, developing the knowledge of what to tailor and how to ensure the best product is delivered.

Donna Von Blanckensee

Managing Director

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the University of South Australia, Donna began working in the primary health care sector after four years in acute care. While working within the general practice setting, Donna identified that general practitioners needed assistance with developing frameworks that saw increased efficiencies and improved patient flow. In response to this, Donna started a consultancy company in 2011 that continues to work with general practices across Australia to improve efficiencies, drive business development and improve patient outcomes.

In to 2018, she was appointed as Managing Director for Hello Health Australia, a position that will draw on Donna’s vast experience in primary health care and business development.