Hello Health Australia Live at GP20


BY Jennifer Morency | November 26, 2020

The Hello Health Australia team is now live at the GP20 digital program to announce some very exciting news: The Hello Health Australia platform is going live in 2021!

As the novel coronavirus pandemic has hit the entire country, the RACGP has taken the initiative to move this year’s GP20 conference to a virtual event. Taking place over 12 days, the conference has allowed many GPs, practice owners, partners and many others to exchange on important topics affecting the entire industry.

As we enter week two of the GP20 virtual conference, the Hello Health team has had time to explore the conference, speak to key delegates and watch fascinating presentations.

Donna Von Blanckensee, Hello Health Australia’s Managing Director, included an interesting on-demand session regarding the changes to healthcare delivery since the start of the pandemic. Available through the Innovation Hub, this 12-minute session can be accessed at the following link.

Connecting to GPs virtually has been difficult for many and this conference is no different. We look forward to the time where we can once again see each other face-to-face and shake hands without worrying about COVID-19.

One thing is for certain though, Hello Health Australia will see you in the new year!